Since 1893

The 2017 Post Campmeeting letter from Gerald Nobles, Jr., has been published. Please visit the President's Letter page or click here for a .pdf file to view and print.

Bloys Campmeeting Association

Bloys Campmeeting, established in 1890, meets in August for five days of worship and fellowship. All denominations are welcome. Bloys Cowboy Campmeeting is held in Skillman Grove in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. Bloys Campmeeting was founded by the Rev. W.B. Boys, a Presbyterian minister. His camp pulpit was an Arbuckle coffee crate. At that first camp meeting, 48 people from remote ranches and towns slept in tents and wagons. in 1902, Bloys Campmeeting Association was incorporated by the Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Methodist, and Presbyterian families who spent time each August to worship together. From that first meeting of 48 people, Bloys has grown steadily and now regularly welcomes 2,500 worshipers. Many are the fourth and fifth generations of their families to attend Bloys, and it is not uncommon to meet men and women who have attended 60 or 70 consecutive meetings.



Important Dates for 2018

June Meeting - Sunday, June 10, 2018 - Church Service at 11:00 am, immediately followed by the business meeting

Tuesday, July 31 - Campgrounds closed for spraying

Wednesday, August 1 - First day to move into campground

Friday, August 3 - First meal served at 6:00 pm with first church service following at 8:00 pm

Wednesday, August 8 - Closing service at 8:00pm


Photo Credit to Carolyn Nored Miller