Click here for a .pdf file to download the 2018 President's letter.

Click here for a .pdf file to download the 2018 Post Campmeeting Letter.

Bloys Campmeeting Association

June 15, 2018

Dear Bloys Members and Guests,

As we go into our 129th year, the memory of our centennial meeting seems like yesterday. Yet, to look at our cultural changes in the past 29 years, many cultural changes seem to have come a long way in this short period of time.

Two items among many that have not changed are: First, accepting Christ as your savior is still the single most important decision in your life. Secondly, all decisions have consequences. Some may be good, others will be bad, and still more are in the grey between the two with the possibility of having good and bad consequences from the same decision.

One of the reasons Bloys was started 129 years ago was because several people knew the vital importance of their family and friends accepting Christ. This decision created the wonderful atmosphere for Bloys’ attendees to make the second decision to not only attend Bloys and go to church but to also spend as much time as possible with the Lord and friends at Bloys.

Dates have been changed trying to accommodate the membership to attend Bloys for the entire meeting, hoping that your decision to attend as long as possible would be rewarding for your personal relationship with God. The Lord has given us a magnificent opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and to enjoy a heritage passed on for 129 years.

This year’s August meeting will begin on Friday the 3rd with our church service at 8 PM. Our Memorial Service will be Saturday the 4th at 3 PM, “Old Timers Night” will be on Saturday the 4th at 8 PM, our annual business meeting will be Tuesday the 7th at 1:30, and our last service will be Wednesday evening the 8th at 8 PM. All four ministers and the music team will be returning from last year. Wednesday the 1st will be the first day allowed on the campgrounds.

For all our first time visitors and guests, our superintendent, Matt Miles, will cover announcements, rules, and locations of services for all our youth at our opening 8 PM church service on the 3rd. Should you miss this service, Matt, your representatives and trustees, or any longstanding Bloys member are available for help.

As I have said before, I go nowhere throughout the year where I feel God’s presence more than at Bloys Campmeeting. Hope to see everyone for the entire meeting week beginning on the 3rd. Please travel safely.


Gerald Nobles, Jr.
President, Bloys Campmeeting Association

Post Campmeeting Letter - August 2018

Bloys Campmeeting

Ft. Davis, Texas

I truly hope Bloys 2018 was a very good year for all.  Surely, Reverend Bloys would be proud of how this generation has carried on his legacy.  The entire campground was full of young children, being cared for by their young parents, and seeing the huge crowd in the Tabernacle on Sunday morning’s service was beyond words.  It brought back wonderful memories of year’s past when Sunday’s church service was full and vibrant with young families and kids everywhere.

Yet, Bloys is more than one Sunday service.  Why aren’t the other services close to being this crowded?   Is mankind and this culture that different than when Jesus was teaching and developing his disciples?    Today, as back 2000 years ago, the phrase of “you can take them to water, but you cant make them drink’ comes to mind.  Why is this so?

Satan is more powerful than we give him credit.  Yes, we are all sinners, but Satan fools us by making sin pleasurable.  Do we tend to enjoy and seek pleasure rather than maintain that personal relationship and love the everlasting life that Jesus has offered?  I’m sure we all probably fall into that trap at times.  Thank goodness we have God’s Word to be able to read and keep us on track for that loving relationship.

We all know that change does not come quickly for Bloys.  Maintaining the original structure of Bloys has been one major key to its success and longevity; thanks to the original founders who did such a good job of planning and organization.

However, we do need and are seeing a little change.  We have this new website full of information from schedule of events to how to make online donations.  We now have an endowment fund to help fund repairs to outdated utilities and ensure safety for all.  We will probably be seeing more little changes in the future.  The executive committee is currently working on other items that can be tweaked to ensure that every generation is given every chance to find their opportunity to worship.  After all, worship was the original intent of Bloys and still is today.

Before you know it, June Meeting will be upon us.  If you haven’t been in a while or maybe have never been, I urge you to attend.  We have a church service, business meeting, and pot luck lunch every year on the Sunday prior to Father’s Day.

May you all have a wonderful year and be given the opportunity to attend our 130th August 2019 meeting.



Gerald Nobles, Jr.

President, Bloys Campmeeting Association