Click here for a .pdf file to download the 2019 post Campmeeting President's letter.

Click here for a .pdf file to download the 2019 President's letter.

Bloys Campmeeting Association

Sept 29, 2019

It was great to see everybody at Bloys again this year for the 2019 meeting. Bloys is always one of the highlights of the year and is placed on the attendees calendars with the same degree of importance and reverence that everybody feels when they set aside the Christmas week.

The Christian message which we deliver at Camp Meeting is just as important now as it was in the 1890’s. In fact, it appears that “God’s Word” may be more needed in today’s world. “Bloys” is a living legacy which continues to help people navigate life. The history and tradition of Bloys are important, but our families are living now, and the future needs to continue to be our focus.

The executive committee is presently looking at a long term strategic plan for making a few improvements at Bloys, so that we can improve our programs, reach more people, and increase attendance. Your cook shed representatives will probably be in touch in an effort to collect input and ideas. We all live in a world with many challenges and we are dedicated to delivering a clear Christian message to as many people as possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful year, and we look forward to see you next August for our 2020 meeting.


DA Harral