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Bloys Campmeeting Association

August 13, 2017

Dear All Members and Guests,

We were all blessed with our 128th year of Bloys Campmeeting. Our water and electricity were sufficient, the food was great, the weather was wonderful, and God’s Word through our pastors was outstanding. As Matt Miles reminded us during one of the services, “ The Association is formed for the purpose of the worship of Almighty God, the instruction of the Christian Religion by preaching the Gospel of Christ, and employing such other means of Scriptural improvement as may be consistent with and according to the Word of God as found in the Old and New Scriptures.”

We have flourished for 128 years because we have upheld this purpose. May this generation continue to pass on this great heritage because we, too, have adhered to this purpose.

Can Bloys be improved? Sure. If and only if we adhere to this purpose, we can improve by loving one another and treating our neighbors as ourselves. As examples:

  • Do not drive between the Means-­‐‑Evans cookshed and the Tabernacle or the Merrill-­‐‑ Miller cookshed and the Tabernacle during a church service. The noise of a vehicle close to the Tabernacle during church distracts churchgoers from the music team’s and pastor’s messages.
  • The general rules should want to be kept by all. Whether it’s pets, alcohol, licensed drivers, or even boulder rolling, why is any one person allowed to not obey and expect others to obey?
  • We have grown through family multiplication and invitations to friends. May those of us who have years of family heritage at Bloys continue to treat all guests who seek to pursue our purpose as welcomed attendees.
  • May we all continue to encourage our youth to attend the programs provided by the many volunteers. These are wonderful times for our youth and many lasting friendships are begun at these programs.We need to remember that God is in charge. This generation should appreciate the Bloys heritage left to them, grasp it, and seek God’s will for moving toward another 128 years. Next year, let us all make an effort stay as long as possible, attend as many services as possible, and share our love with others as much as possible. Thanks be to God.


    Gerald Nobles, Jr.
    President, Bloys Campmeeting Association